November 22, 2010
Revisiting the Commons: externalities and the city

Here is the link to Kai’s talk at the Architectural Association in London last week.

November 17, 2010
ADHD III: Ongevraagd Advies Slides

 Here are the Dutch slides in PDF format from Kai’s talk last week at ADHD III.

November 15, 2010
Internalizing positive transit externalities

Market Urbanism, a NYbased blog that aims to bring free market thinking to urban (planning) issues wrote an excellent piece about positive transit externalities. The article is a response to the news that the New York MTA had to cut down on (proposed) bus lines and the strong downwards effect that has on housing prices nearby public transit lines. The MTA cannot internalize the externalities its infrastructure investment create and thus does not have incentives nor the ability to invest in those bus lines, given the severe budget restraints it faces.

The Market Urbanist, (in his day job he is active as a developer in NY and Chicago) continues with an interesting historical and geographical comparison and points out how in Asia- Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore- transit operators share in the value of their public transit network investments either as (co-) developer of the housing near the newly developed stations or through value capture or taxing of the upside they have created.

For the complete article and its comments see here.

November 3, 2010
Talk at Architecture Association

Kai will be speaking at a Public Occasion Agency event at the Architecture Association School on November 18 at 18:00 in London. He will be talking about the topics of reflexive urbanism and urban finance instruments. Through these topics he will address the tragedy of the commons and whether they give us additional tools to avoid it.

November 3, 2010
Talk at ADHD III: Ongevraagd Advies

Kai will be talking on externalities and the potential they offer for urban development, particularly in the context of The Hague. Accordingly, he will be discussing the Seattle Project research on urban finance instruments.

In this evening of the ADHD series three experts offer their advice to the city’s new head of urban planning, Erik Pasveer. The event is on November 9 at 20:00 in the NNA@KV20/Voormalige AXAgebouw, Korte Voorhout 20, Den Haag. Please RSVP to The event will be in Dutch.